Friday, April 16, 2010

Awww Fiddlesticks - Werner Design Werks

Werner Design Werks designed this set for Cabell Harris of Work Labs to be part of a bigger piece - a box of Stimuli for a creative group called Lab Rats, the contents of the box are to inspire and stimulate creative thinking. The very fun New Math equations were written by Craig Damrauer.

My good friend Bryan Franklin of Franklin Press brought the printing job to me and figured out a great way to print the double sided sticks as efficiently as possible. Bryan made two jigs for us to attach the sticks perfectly centered onto 14" x 20" boards. We put repositionable spraymount through the jigs and then dropped the sticks one by one on to the boards. Do that about 90 times and you have alot of boards with a lot of sticks perfectly centered on them. After that was done we registered the boards on the press and printed the sticks. We set it up as a work in turn so the first pull printed half the fronts and half the backs of 10 different designs. Then we sprayed new boards with repositionable and flipped each board of sticks over onto a new one, leaving the sticks centered but ready to by printed with the exact same screen as the first to print the opposite sides. Don't worry, it still confuses me too.