Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Letterpress Print

Last weekend I dove in and printed my first letterpress print. It was tricky, I won't lie but I was really happy with the results my Kelsey Excelsior 6x10 produced. The design is one I made last April right before I moved to Portland. I had originally planned to only screenprint it but the design seemed to beg to be pressed, especially the smoke part so I bought photopolymer plates to print it. Above is a shot of the press with the plate for the silver in it and the some pics of the final printed piece. If you would like to buy one they are for sale in my etsy shop

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poster Offensive Sneek Peek

Finally after 3 months since moving to Portland my studio is up and running, just in time to print my Poster Offensive print. Here's a peek. This is my second time doing this show and am excited to be a part of it. The shows opening reception will be on October 29th at Galley, in the space formerly occupied by the Frank Stone Gallery at 1224 Second Street NE in Minneapolis and the show will run until November 7th.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hitting the Oregon Trail

In a few weeks my lady and I will be packing up wagon and heading West and I'm pretty excited. The last 7 years in Minneapolis have been filled with great people and fun times but have always dreamed of trying out a new area. Kevin and I started Lovely Mpls nearly 5 years ago and I'm amazed at the amount of work we produced on nights and weekends. I wish him the best as he takes over Lovely, solo. As for me, Hopefully it won't take me too long to get a fully functioning screenprint studio up and running.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Awww Fiddlesticks - Werner Design Werks

Werner Design Werks designed this set for Cabell Harris of Work Labs to be part of a bigger piece - a box of Stimuli for a creative group called Lab Rats, the contents of the box are to inspire and stimulate creative thinking. The very fun New Math equations were written by Craig Damrauer.

My good friend Bryan Franklin of Franklin Press brought the printing job to me and figured out a great way to print the double sided sticks as efficiently as possible. Bryan made two jigs for us to attach the sticks perfectly centered onto 14" x 20" boards. We put repositionable spraymount through the jigs and then dropped the sticks one by one on to the boards. Do that about 90 times and you have alot of boards with a lot of sticks perfectly centered on them. After that was done we registered the boards on the press and printed the sticks. We set it up as a work in turn so the first pull printed half the fronts and half the backs of 10 different designs. Then we sprayed new boards with repositionable and flipped each board of sticks over onto a new one, leaving the sticks centered but ready to by printed with the exact same screen as the first to print the opposite sides. Don't worry, it still confuses me too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Years at Sussner Design Co.

Time, she flies. I had to be reminded yesterday that it was my two year anniversary here at the SDCo. I think Tessa said it like "it's been 2 years too long of putting up with you." It's been a good 2 years though hanging out with Derek, Tessa and Brandon (and the 2 dogs Lily and Daisy). Thanks to Derek for going after good work and Introducing me to the addictive and frustrating game of golf. Tessa for making me laugh, especially when she's berating telemarketers. Brandon for his amusing nonsensical stories. Daisy for gaseous anomalies. And Lily for taking up all the legroom under my desk.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PMF in Type Directors Club

I found out a couple weeks ago that the Pardon my French Bakery corporate identity system was chosen to be in next years Type Directors Club annual. I'm honored and humbled to be in such good company. Designed at the very excellent Sussner Design Co.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Natalie and I were at Hunt & Gather in the Linden Hills Neighborhood yesterday and she stumbled across this book. Awesome! If you've never been there it's an amazing source of graphic design ephemera. There is tons of type (wood and metal letterpress type, large letters made from various materials) and more. Check it out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mighty Fairly

A few weeks ago Mighty Fairly asked me to design a poster for themselves and 3 other bands playing at the Turf Club. Mischa of Mighty Fairly wanted the theme to be about getting out of the house to help get over the winter doldrums. I opted to represent all of the bands family style as a series of framed portraits titled, Hibernation leads to Indignation. The other excellent bands represented are The Small Cities, Communist Daughter and Kubla Khan. The poster is printed 5 colors, Gold plus CMYK process printing.

If you really like it you can buy it HERE